ORTF mic “Aurochs” and professional preamps

With a custom adapter cable you can connect the ORTF microphone to recording devices with XLR and 48 V phantom power. That's the way to get the best sound quality from this microphone.

Credits to David McGriffy, Richard Lee and many thanks to Jules Ryckebusch, who reminded me of this option. A simple circuit brings down 48 V to 5 V for the electret capsules of the ORTF microphone. The circuit is small and can be integrated into XLR connectors. If you own a good external recorder or use a professional camera with XLR inputs, you are good to go.

The electrical parts are packed into a study cable with Neutrik connectors. For different use cases and rigs there will be different cable lengths available: Longer and shorter split, longer and shorter overall length.

ORTF stereo microphone attached via XLR and 48 V phantom power

What do you need to connect the mic to professional preamps?

  • ORTF mic “Aurochs” basic set
  • Custom TRS to 2 channel XLR adapter
  • Highly recommended for outdoor use: Rode WS8 windshield (not included)
Set with ORTF stereo microphone, shock-mount and mounting options

ORTF mic on Etsy

Stereo cable for phantom power

XLR adapter on Etsy

ORTF microphone XLR camera rig
My personal pro-audio dream team: ORTF microphone plus Zoom F3, connected via XLR. From the Zoom F3 line-out an additional TRS cable goes into the cameras mic input, but this is only for scratch audio. In post-production the Zoom F3 recording is synched with the video.

What sound quality can you expect with XLR adapter and professional preamps?

Please listen with good headphones.

ORTF “Aurochs” with Zoom F3 on the GH5. Only normalized and EQed. Thanks Lina!
ORTF “Aurochs” with Zoom F3 on the GH5. Only normalized and EQed.