ORTF mic “Aurochs” on a DSLM camera

You can connect the ORTF microphone directly to a mirrorless video camera. The ORTF mic basic set includes everything you need to attach it to any camera with a stereo 3.5" TRS socket. Almost all cameras provide plugin power at the mic input, which is needed for this microphone.

ORTF stereo microphone connected to a camera's 3.5" TRS stereo mic input

What do you need for a DSLM camera rig?

  • ORTF mic “Aurochs” basic set
  • Highly recommended for outdoor use: Rode WS8 windshield (not included)
Set with ORTF stereo microphone, shock-mount and mounting options

ORTF mic on Etsy

ORTF microphone camera rig
ORTF microphone camera rig. The TRS cable goes directly into the camera's mic input.

What sound quality can you expect on a DSLM camera?

Please listen with good headphones.

A tram passing by in ORTF stereo. Preamp is Lumix GH5 internal which sounds a bit noisy and harsh.
ORTF mic on the GH5. Garden next to the village church.